So if you're here you must be wondering a little about me...Well let's see...

Peacock Galleria began as a form of self therapy, I was in a very bad relationship as well as suffering severe depression and having trouble keeping a job. Fun stuff, yeah? Anyways, I began beading instead of drinking as my vice of choice. I went to a few small craft shows in the hopes of selling enough jewelry in hopes of fueling my habit. I didn't make many sales, but those that did buy my designs encouraged me to continue.

And so I did. I enjoy bringing out the natural beauty of stone, and my degree in costume design helps me create innovative and unique designs. The encouragement I received at those early shows helped me out of my depression and I now have a full time job and things continue to improve.

Peacock Galleria as it is today, is a showcase of my personal style that continues to evolve as I continue to learn new skills.


  1. I am unable to 'like' your page for some reason. Please do continue to 'bead', I love your designs!! Kaela Nighthurst

  2. Keep up the great work. Your pretties are wonderful!

    A biased Aunt